I am such a fucking role model

It was me and two young soldiers, walking along in some neighborhood. They were new to the army, I think about 20 years old or so. [Yes I am in the navy; I was working at a joint command.] We were in a country where legally we weren’t supposed to be drinking at all, on our way to a bar to get beer and ice to go along with the hard liquor we already had.

And on the way there, I received what I consider to be the prophecy outlining my life. Like when Snape cast that spell on Baby Jesus and put the lightning scar on his cheek, and it forever tied them together or whatever.

I don’t remember what we were talking about, what preceded this, or really any context whatsoever. I think we were joking around about vandalism, and I may have said something about how I “don’t really give a shit” if one of them wanted to go… do whatever it is we were joking about. Drawing a dick in the dust of someone’s car window, maybe.

Actually, I think that WAS it. Because now I remember drawing a rather large phallus on some family’s suburban while we were on our way to that bar.

Anyway, at one point, the older of the two younglings asked me:

“Uhh, aren’t you like a rank E-5 or whatever? Aren’t you supposed to be, like, setting an example for us?”

I didn’t burst out laughing. Instead, I just raised my head back and appreciated the moment. I thanked him for his unfiltered assessment of my general behavior and beamed with pride. For myself. I was living life exactly how I wanted to, and this was proof.